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Do the wrong thing for the right reason.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 2x03 - “Making Friends and Influencing People”


Making beautiful garments…


Bombay Collection


I don’t think I am a star; I consider myself like any other girl who is of my age. Others may be working in office and doing different jobs. Similarly I don’t think I am doing something different… I am also working.
- Deepika Padukone

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miss missing you - fall out boy [x]

oh, we’re fading fast, i miss missing you now and then… 

Jemma Simmons + being oblivious to Leo Fitz

oh fitz, you are so adorable xD


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Season 1  [2/?]

Real scene vs Blooper.


Clark Gregg on the Gag Reel

jemma simmons in every episode:
↳ repairs

I might as well be Team Captain.

Gaurav Gupta at Indian Couture Week 2014

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"say something i’m giving up on you"